in the heart of the pearl
935 NW DAVIS ST, 97209

ur·ban \’ǝr-bǝn\

: of, relating to, characteristic of, or constituting a city


stu·dio \’stü-dē-(,)ō\

a : the working place of a painter, sculptor, or photographer
b : a place for the study of an art
(as dancing, singing, or acting)

Mirriam-Webster Dictionary,
an Encyclopedia Britannica Company


Large windows face the bustling streets of the trendy Pearl District, making the space light and airy. A garage door opens to the sidewalk on NW 10th Ave with the Portland Streetcar just steps away. The iconic corner building has been a staple since the early 1900s when it was occupied by the Denby Motor Truck Company.

a flexible floorplan

An open space to accommodate everything from a mingling cocktail party to a seated dinner to your own personalized space. Ideal for private parties, weddings, corporate events, networking affairs and more.

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