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We are one of Portland’s top catering companies, known for excellent service and product alike. Serving delicious Pacific NW food for all your events since 2003.

As one of Portland’s best catering companies, we pride ourselves on providing a quality product every time. Your guests will rave about the delicious food, hot and plentiful, with drinks to pair. Our coordinators are a pleasure to work with, taking care of your event as if it was their own.

But don’t take it from us.

catering since 2003

what started as three people and a junker van…

Owner Mark Byrum reminisces:

“We started the catering company in 2003, cooking the food out of the Voodoo kitchen — which was a nightclub back then,” referring to Voodoo Lounge on NW First and Couch. “Chef had a passion for food, I was sales and execution, and Carla was the administrative and sales part of it.

“Started grassroots, no big budget, had a junker van, barely ran, sometimes didn’t have brakes,” he chuckles, remembering, “and we just kind of piecemealed it together, you know? We barely even had an active kitchen for the first four or five events that we did. We started off doing family barbecues and slowly started getting our name out there.

“And then eventually we picked up a corporate client; they turned us on to other people, and we just slowly built — building relationships. It was all grassroots, there were really no marketing dollars, there was really no large expense or capital that we put into the company — literally, three people and a junker van.”



Formerly a neglected corridor of abandoned warehouses and railways, local gallery owner Thomas Augustine dubbed the new name to suggest that its industrial buildings were like crusty oysters and that the galleries and artists’ lofts within were like pearls.

Now easily one of Portland’s most desirable neighborhoods, the Pearl District is home to some of the city’s best known chefs and restaurants, world class art galleries, and vibrant shops and boutiques.

The Pearl District Business Association
since 2005